East 250W Electric Grass Trimmer Lawnmower Pruner Garden Power Tool


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East 250W Electric Grass Trimmer Lawnmower Pruner Garden Power Tool

New technology, a power tool for gardening work, make your work become more easier and efficient, ideal for cutting grass in those awkward areas and ensures of total balance and control.

Product Parameter:

Product Name 250W Alternating Current Grass Trimmer
Brand / Type East, China Zhejiang, ET1106
Material ABS + Aluminium Tube
Weight About 2190g
Revolving Speed 11000/min
Input  Power 250W
Machine Total Length 105cm
Mow Grass Diameter 25cm
Coil Length 8m
Cable Length 10m

Light weigh and easy to use
Non-slip handle, safe and reliable

250w input power, dual safety switch
Head can be adjusted to 180° for edging
Two-String cutting, bump feed, 10inch cutting path
Handle can be detachable to reduce the space when packaging

Specifically designed for trimming and shaping lawn edges to ensure of a neat and tidy finish.
Special treatment blade, sharp, long-lasting, ideal tools for garden mowing

1. Please wear safety gloves when handling and replacing lawn mower coil
2. During using the machine, the nylon wire will be shorten and weared. Just make the machine to hit lightly the ground( the item is working), the nylon wire will be be automatically prolonged the wire.
3. Do not put the item on humid environment to avoid electric shock or injure.

Maintain of machine:
1. Please close the machine power and pull out the plug before check and maintain the machine.
2. Use cleaning rag with suds to clean the dust of exterior tool.
3. Do not use gasoline,  benzene, diluent, ethyl alcohol or other to clean the machine.

Package include:
1 X Electric Grass Trimmer
1 X Moving Blade
1 X Dust cover
1 X Instruction manual


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