FC 90W LED Growing Light Indoor Greenhouse Plants Vegetable Lamps


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Power 90W
Working environment -20 to 40 ?
LED Qty 90 pcs
The height of hanging lamp 0.8 m
Single lamp bead 1W
Operating Current 300mA
Light Color Red, Blue
Input voltage 85-265V AC
Life 50000H
Frequency 50/60 Hz
IP rating IP55
Lamp beads ratio red and blue = 8:1
Size  270x270x 60 mm Size

1. The shell made of metal, baked the paint process molding .
2. Consist by 90 pcs LED lamp beads(1W each ),
the lamp bead color matching between  the conventional color is 4:1 to 10:1.
Red light wavelength is 620nn-630nm or 640nm-660nm, blue wavelength is 460nm-470nm.
3. Built-in two drive power supply. Cooling method adopts aluminum plate and the three fan cooling.  Cooling effect is very satisfactory. Ensured the normal working condition of lamp bead, prolonged the service life of the lamp bead, improved the effectiveness and stability of the light source to the plant.
4. Easy installation, high performance-price ratio, safety, environmental friendly,  without pollution and harmful substances.
5. The service life is 50,000 hours, quality guarantee two years.

The applicable environment:
1. Suitable for aqueous solution cultivation, gardening, family balcony planting / seedling / breeding, farm, flower exhibition, garden, potted plants, etc.
2. This product is suitable for bananas, dendrobium orchids, tobacco, seaweed, green peppers, eggplant, bitter gourd, tomatoes, grapes, lettuce, lettuce and other herbs, vegetables, flowers, plants and plant tissue culture.
3. The distance between the lamp and plant is 0.5 m — 2 meters, without the sunlight  environment, according to the plant,  the time is generally 8-16 hours.
4. The product is suitable for 3-12 square meters of area, such as balconies, greenhouses, darkroom and so on.  Not for tissue culture planting shelf or higher
environmental requirements.

Packing included:
1  X Plant lamp
1  X Power lines
1 X Hook
1 X Wire rope
1 X  Adapter


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led growing light

led growing light

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